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previously named Squaw Valley Mutual Water Company

Cellular water meters –

Our water meter measures the amount of water delivered to your property. It has a counter that continually increments with water flow. The meter has a device attached to it – called the ‘endpoint’ – that lets us read the meter remotely without opening the lid on the street to look at the counter. We use the readings to produce monthly water usage reports and semiannual bills.

There are two types of endpoints: near-distance and cellular.

Near-distance endpoints let us read meters by driving around the valley with a device mounted on the vehicle’s dashboard that communicates with each endpoint over distance of a few feet. We do this once a month around the first of the month. We upload the data to a web portal, which calculates usage and produces alerts of possible leaks by looking at the usage pattern over the 24 hours prior to the reading of the meter.

As part of our ongoing initiative started in 2021 to modernize our operations with the goals of reducing operating costs, improving the quality of service to our members and strengthening our water conservation program, in late 2023 we started replacing near-distance endpoints with cellular endpoints. We will finish upgrading the first set of 31 meters in the spring of 2024, and then upgrade the remaining meters over the next 24-36 months.

Cellular endpoints continuously transmit usage data by cellular network (either Verizon or AT&T, whichever has the strongest signal where the meter resides) to EyeOnWater, a web portal that provides 24/7 access to water consumption data, and lets homeowners set up alerts for potential leaks so they don’t have to wait for a high water bill or a notification from us. EyeOnWater has Apple iOS and Android smartphone apps.

Please watch this 7-minute video (setup instructions start at the 5:45 minute mark, the website is