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Reporting of Backflow Devices

Title 17, Section 7583-7605, of the California Code of Regulations mandates that we enforce the requirement that backflow devices be installed to isolate sources of potential water contamination from the system that supplies potable (drinking) water. Examples of sources of potential water contamination are:

  • Irrigation systems, including those served by auxiliary water sources such as a private well or creek if there is an intertie with the potable water system.
  • Improperly plumbed water-using devices such as hot tubs, boilers and commercial dishwashers.
  • Interconnections between the potable water system and a non-potable system, such as between the potable water system and a hydronic heating system.

To comply with California State law, you must submit the form below every year. If you have backflow devices, you must also submit an annual certification letter by a Certified Backflow Tester (list below.)

If we do not act by the date indicated in the notice you received from us, we are required to hire a contractor to inspect your property at your expense. If the inspector determines that your property requires a backflow device and your property does not have one, State law mandates that we disconnect your water service until you furnish proof of compliance to us. In this event, we will charge a fee to disconnect and reconnect your water service.

You might already have the necessary backflow devices if you have an outdoor irrigation system, an autofill hot tub or hydronic system. The backflow device for:

  • Outdoor irrigation systems is probably between the connection to the water meter on the street and the sprinkler system.
  • Fire sprinkler or hydronic systems is probably in an accessible area such as under your house or elsewhere.

If you do not know if you already have or need to install the necessary backflow devices, contact one of the Certified Backflow Testers listed below.

  1. I do not require a backflow device.
  2. I have these backflow devices:
    Manufacturer – Model # – Serial # – Date last inspected
    You may upload the certificate here, email to, or mail it to POB 18761, Reno, NV 89511
    [upload certificate]
  3. I need to install backflow devices, which I will do by (date):

I attest that the above information is true and correct.
Property owner (member of the SVMWC):
Address of the property: